Tuesday, June 24, 2014



An interesting fact of life is that almost everyone experiences heartbreak on some levels that is enough to strip them of the innocence that they once had. Heartbreak is a part of life that will definitely change a person, the decision is made by the person who's heart is broken of whether they let the heartbreak make them a better person or if they let it make them a nobody.

Everything that we experience in our lives should be used as a learning experience, whether the experience is a painful experience or whether it is an uplifting experience. When we go through an experience as troubling as having our hearts broken, we must look at it as something that we can learn from, and something that we can overcome. Never let your being broken discourage you enough to pass on opportunities that may really benefit you. Remain as strong as possible, while it is fine to grieve, never stop moving forward.

Love the One who can make Your World the Most Beautiful


Expecting the Best of Each Other

Being Strong