Monday, September 10, 2012

Faith is bigger than Fear.

In order to get what you really desire out of life, you have to be willing to have faith.
If you don't believe it, you won't achieve it, and if you do believe it, you will.
Believing that you will actually see the victory that you set out for, is hard to do when you are actually faced with adversity, but we have to remember that without adversity God cannot help our faith to grow.
If we want to increase our faith not only should we hold steadfast to what God has directed us to believe, but we should also try to avoid those who will only try to get us to be less faithful.
The temptation to move away from what we really believe in, and cling to an idea that is more logical may be the easiest thing to do, but it isn't always the best thing to do.
Never let someone take away from you what God has given you, don't be fearful, be faithful!

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