Wednesday, October 24, 2012

You Are Prettiest When You Are Happy

When you are able to truly be happy, you allow for the light that is inside of you to truly be shone to the whole world.
What is keeping you from happiness?
Are you able to use the creativity inside of you as each day passes?
Are you being held back by the fear of being uncertain about where your life will go, if you take off the devices that are only allowing you to float along?

Every single last one of us has greatness inside.

Only a few are willing to go after the dreams of their heart, and are able to accomplish the things in life that they desire to accomplish because being courageous enough to fight against your fear is a very difficult thing to do.

Break the shackles of fear today!

Take time to live as yourself, and make an effort each day to get to where you have always dreamed to go.
Be happy!

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