Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Keep Moving Forward

Those who believe they have a future don't think in terms of yesterday, today, and tomorrow. 
A person who really believes in his or her future thinks in terms of generations and years. Being able to think ahead towards the long term is a principle and a system of ideals that is commonly found in people who are most successful in life.

The people who are able to change the world and do what they need to do to be successful, are the people who think in terms of years, and in terms of how their decisions today will affect their families for years to come.

Simply put, it is more rare to find a person who left behind a big legacy than it is to find a person who didn't leave a legacy at all, and these people didn't get to leave such a big legacy by mistake. 

Make the right decisions not only for today, but for years down the line as well. 
Believe in your dreams.

Our eyes are in front because it is better to look ahead than to look back. 
Don't dwell on things on the past. Learn from them and keep moving forward...

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