Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Failure Is An Opportunity To Begin Again

To fail is to live, while to not try is to die faster. 
Every time we fail and get back up again we not only build up our own self-confidence, but we also build up our character. 
Getting back up after failure after failure will help us to grow stronger and stronger at each attempt towards reaching our dreams. 
Without failure our lives require no innovation, and no creativity. 
Without failure our lives require no hustle, no drive, and no ambition. 
Without failure most success stories would be mundane stories, and the world in turn would be a totally different place full of things and people who help provide to it no meaning and no sincerity. 
Failing is a requirement in life to know how to better ourselves, and to in turn help to better the world. 
So go fail, then fail again, and each time fail better! 
Every time you fail and get back up again you will be much closer to your destiny.


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