Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Make a Decision to be Happy Despite it All

Being happy is a choice that you have to decide to make each day. 
Every day is a day that we have to choose to rise with grace, and class, on a mission with focus, and a resolve that can't be broken or disturbed. 
Make it a point to renew yourself everyday and to make each day different, but productive in the same sense.

Make you days stretch as much as possible, for they should be as full as you can possibly make them, whether it be full of rest every once in a while, full of hard work, full of networking, exploring the world, or exploring the depths of your deepest relationships.

Decide to take the initiative to be where you want to be. 

Remember that no matter what, people will always talk and tell you not to continue to pursue your dreams. 

Be happy anyway, and make your life yours.

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