Tuesday, June 19, 2012

I have not gone ...

You think I’ve gone that I am dead,
A life has lost its will.
But look around I’m right there, living with you still.
I watch your tears, I feel your pain,
I see the things you do.
I weep as well, each time you cry.
My soul it lives with you.
It gives such joy to hear you laugh and do the things you do,
And when you smile o’er by gone days,
I smile right with you too.
For we’re still one, just you and me, one mind, one soul, one being,
Walking forward into life, though only you are seen.
And in the stillness of the night,
When the pain it really starts, stretch out a little with your hand and draw me to your heart.
For I am always right in there, always by your side.
For you have been, all my life’s days, my joy, my love, my pride

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