Thursday, June 28, 2012

There's always that one song that brings back old memories

One of the greatest functions of music is to help relieve us from the stresses that we face in our everyday lives and instead take us back to places of excitement, and pleasant memories that different songs help us to remember.
Music is a refresher, and it helps to sort of cleanse and refresh our spiritual body as a shower or bath may help us to cleanse and refresh our physical body.

Never take for granted the power of music.

It helps to amplify moods like anger and rage, or it can be used to calm us down when we need it to, music can be an escape from the world that you are currently enjoying or not enjoying, and can be an entry into a world of old so that you may revisit your past.
Music can also be what helps a person make and maintain new memories as well. Remember that music holds a key to your old memories.
Never forget

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