Monday, August 27, 2012

Life doesn't get Easier, You just get Stronger.

As you go through life in a path towards your dreams, one thing you learn is that everything you have been through can teach you a lesson about where you are going.
It isn't and it shouldn't be everyday that we make mistakes, because we should be able to learn from the mistakes of the past, so that we don't make them again.

Learning to make the best choices for our lives has more to do with learning from who we were yesterday, than calculating the best moves we can make today.

Life can be a revolving door if we allow it to be.

Make choices that you know will lead you away from the same you that you might have been, and continue to grow, because as your life advances it never truly gets easier. There will always be obstacles in your path, but as you get past obstacle after obstacle, take the wisdom you gained from surpassing each one to get you where you truly aspire to be!

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