Friday, August 24, 2012

Mean it when you Say it

Nowadays people say I love you just like they are saying hello.

Taking love seriously is a serious problem in the world today.

More and more people get confused with what love is, and this is primarily because they don't have a serious grasp of what love really is.
Some of us wish that there could be a perfect indicator of what real love is, and if someone loves you in the same manner that you love them, but there is just no possible way to know.

It is important that when we deal with potential love interests, that we know when things are too good to be true, and that we also know when love is real.

True love happens differently for everyone, but if we can we should take as much time as possible to get to know somebody, and really let our feelings grow overtime, as not to rush love and mistake lust for love.

Through it all, follow your heart, only you will really know when it is best to decide to tell someone that you love them.

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