Wednesday, August 29, 2012

When God steps in, miracles happen.

Our whole life is a miracle.
From us being born, to us living a free life, free of condemnation, and free of having to worry about what others do to bring us down.
We are more than conquerors, if we just believe in him, and work through his will instead of trying to live our lives living our own will there will be nothing put in our paths that we wont be able to overcome.

Ask God for his guidance, and he will give you his guidance.

Ask God for his wisdom and he will give you his wisdom.
Ask God for a miracle and he will give you his miracles.

Just be sure to put all of your faith in him, and to believe with everything inside of you that he will step in and make a miracle happen.

It may not come when you want it, but he will surely be there when you need him!
Be faithful today!

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