Monday, February 11, 2013

Just Run Your Race

Many times the cards that life yields us are just that, and many times our fate is a result of things that happen. 
One big principle that we are all taught in our lives over and over is that things don't just happen to us, things happen because of the choices we made, no matter what hand we are dealt when we are given our lives.
There have been many of men, men who have come from small backgrounds, and throughout their whole lives stayed in their backgrounds, and never made so much as a peep to change the world. 
And there are also powerful men and women. 
Men and women who may have come from small, less fortunate backgrounds, but ended their life richer in more areas than people who were given so much more growing up. Play the hand you were dealt. 
Don't complain, don't criticise others, just run your race.
We cannot change the cards we are dealt. 
Just how we play the hand. 
~Randy Pausch

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